Precious water

August 3, 2009

Water is very precious to us. How convenient it is when we just turn on our taps and clean water gushes out of the tube. Water is our life-giving chemical compound. However, it seems like many people are taking advantage of it by wasting it endlessly in their daily routine.

When you watch the news channels, i am sure you have come across some countries which are suffering long drought. Imagine how life will be like if we don’t have water for one day! These poor souls probably have not seen water for weeks!

I read that when water travels in our body, it brings along lots of chemicals and nutrients with the flow. That is why it is so important to our functioning brain if we are to remain alert and in good concentration. We need water to carry nutrients to our brains so that it’s working well. Hence, you can say water is the primary brain booster!

Maria Duva’s guide to healthy living says that if we want our energy-levels to be consistently high, we need to drink enough water. What is enough? That depends on your own body. But drinking a glass of water, or herbal tea every hour is a good idea!

As a person who is leads an active lifestyle, the first thing that i make sure is that 2 liters of water bottle is fully filled up before I go out!


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