Need good luck

July 6, 2009

Need some good luck, or any kind of luck! It is here right now! You just have to see it and believe it! Right now we are all still going through still a few energy changes, but we are progressing towards the new and letting go of the old!

Your luck is right here and now! Most people cannot believe this as they have to see it. Have you ever seen a child who can believe in Santa Claus and not see them? Or maybe the tooth fairy? This is believing without seeing?! And this is all it takes to bring your own luck back into your life!

I know this is hard to do but it is possible for each and every person, as there is more then enough of whatever you want in your life RIGHT NOW! Just take a look around and see what you can find! Maybe you are wanting more money but ae only seeing debt. Maybe you are wanting a better job but only see the old one you dislike.

So this is where alot of us get stuck. Now take another look aroun and see what you can find that is of abundance! It may not be what you are dreaming or hoping for but it is there. Maybe you have an abundance of food, or clothes or shoes, etc – maybe to you this isn’t abundance but think about it from another angle.

How would you feel if you only had one can of food or one outfit or one pair of shoes falling apart? So probably what you do have is abundance, but you are just overlooking it. One very easy way to have luck on your side and abundance in your life, which the majority of us already do we just can’t see it, is to have faith and give our brains a job!

The job is to look for abundance in our life! It is as easy as that. Pretty soon all you will see is abundance and nothing else and then the magic will start to happen. A simple shift of emotions! I did this with my kids once and boy did they notice abundance all day, as we made this into a game, and all day long: an abundance of grass mommy, an abundance of trees mommy, an abundacne of homes mommy, and so on! Boy were we ever happy by the end of just a few moments of this!

Can you imagine if you do this over and over again! So try it, what do you have to lose. What you are doing now is struggling and wanting and dreaming and not getting, so how hard could one simple exercise be -see how you feel after it all!! Hope you enjoy your wonderful weekend ahead of you filled with abundance!


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