Reading Maria Duval’s forecast for me

June 22, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, I had an afternoon off and somehow I had ample time to do my own things. I went back to my burgeoning pile of papers at my study desk and dug out Maria Duval’s personal astrology forecast delivered to me on March this year.

I had this forecast read 3 times in April and after that, i put it to one side and since then it had been buried by others. Now, as I read it for the 4th time, the meaning looked different again. It was amazing feeling. I feel as though a invisible guardian angel was whispering to me right besides my ear, like a pedantic master doing the best to inculcate the knowledge to the student…Maria advises me to avoid repeating the same pitfalls but learn from the lessons. She says procastination is a big problem for me and wants me to shake it off as fast as I can as opportunities never wait for a person.

Actually, the words at the report are too forthright to the extent that it shocks me when I first read it. It perfectly describes my way of life and mentality, the way I work and think. I have a lot of weaknesses I admit, but I have always denied their existence as pride is often an issue.

As I read the report again yesterday, I self reflected my own life as I looked at those words, and why I made those seemingly unforgiveable errors in the past.

I am lucky to know Maria Duval and I won’t blame her for contacting late. There is this fate that brings her into my life.

Another glaring part of the report Maria brought up is that sometimes I may be too direct that my way of talking may offend some people. This is truly amazing! Yes, friends do say I talk too fast and direct that I may offend people unknowingly. Well, there is no malice on my part, however, I do feel I have less and less friends now. Is that the reason why?

I told myself as I thought. It is better to change now before it gets any worse.


One Response to “Reading Maria Duval’s forecast for me”

  1. Maria Duval made me of what I’m today,but I’m half finish. I pray that she should finish that work we started in Drachten – Holland.
    Note; I live now in my home land Cameroon.

    Kenedy Chang

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