A friend with depression

June 15, 2009

I am glad that I spent some time to help out a friend who is suffering from depression and anxiety. After helping her to move out of the dark shadows, I just burst into tears of joy. I am scared of depression, which to me, is a real slow and silent mind killer that will devour a person’s spiritual energy.

It all started for her when she allowed herself to fell into the mindless pit of self denigration when she sort of realized that she had nothing in life as compared to many of her so-called “friends”. Soon, she was shunned and ostracized, and being a lady who needed a lot of human attention, the pressure was just too big and she crumbled unless her own high expectations.

Over the months she had felt alone, worthless, and unhappy. She felt she’d nothing despite doing her best to gain affection. When I talked to her, she appeared heavily deprived of life and she hid herself in her room all day. I feel very bad for myself as I had not bothered to contact her these few years. It’s only when I met her mom in the street recently that I got to know her plight. I am so miserable that there really is no way to explain it.

Any kind of advice or reading or anything really, would be extremely appreciated.


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