The sound of water

June 11, 2009

I’m a big fan of not just the sound of water, but also the look. The constant motion is so soothing to me. I have a tiny water fountain in my room. I love it. I live in a region within less than two hour’s drive of a beautiful waterfall. The roar they make is amazing.

I also love rain, the rhythmic pattering it makes on my roof. It can look pretty cool too. I love the sensory experience of water. Even getting wet can be enjoyable when you surrender to it.

I feel that water is the most important element in our universe. It represents harmony since most of materials on earth has water element in it.

Maria duval mentions that in order to apply the law of attraction, we need to feel good at the moment NOW. I recently found out that the sound of water really made me feel good. Whether it’s the sound of water fountain in my room or the splashing sound of the waterfall, the sound of water calms me down and help me establish connections with my inner SELF. It’s just that amazing!

Yeah, in short, water is very calming and soothing – try water therapy if you are really stressed up.


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