Summer sun

June 4, 2009

Some friends just love the summer sun and heat. They think the feeling is just awesome. Summer months are the best time of the year for them. People head for the beaches, so in terms of tourism, it probably gets mor hectic this season when the flights could be rather full. In this economic uncertainty, the amount of retail and tourist revenues generated could be beneficial to kickstart the stagnating economy…

However, I just don’t enjoy it. The heat just gets my skin oily easily and pimples break out anytime too. It’s really bad i mean. My two favorite seasons are spring and autumn, because its nice cool and mild weather. I just don’t understand how people can enjoy being hot and sweaty and uncomfortable. When the heat gets too much, i’d rather hide in my room with the air conditioner on.

Thanks for allowing me to express…

I find this blog very productive for me to express how I feel. It could be better than expressing my thoughts to my closer ones sometimes. Yes I know it is one way most of the time, however, the trickle of comments received mean so much to me, as it shows people are coming consistently to this simple blog.


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