Money principle

May 28, 2009

I don’t feel need money.

But in practical terms I do need it, just like everyone does.

In fact, my circumstances have gotten to this point precisely because of too lax an attitude about money and not being worried about money. This is bad. I was told to treat money with respect.

In the past, I have really believed that there will always be money, so I don’t have to try for it. I just need what is needed to survive. Not the best attitude I guess. While people are getting richer, I am sitting there thinking they are greedy for ill-gotten gains. It’s just self-destructive kind of attitude a person can have.

People who are most often successful, strive for it, and take action.

Anyways, so I don’t feel desperate about it because I’m so irresponsible and delusional. However, I do relate to feeling the injustice and the principle of it.

Even if I had all the money I could ever want, I would still want these people to do what is right, because I can’t stand the idea of them trying to cheat people. I don’t feel that way about all of them, some of them are completely nice.

As far as I understand, you still need and should apply action behind your intentions and vibrations, right? Still physically communicate with these people about the issue, not just visualize and mediate on it right?

Yet, when you are thinking about it, what do you dedicate to it? Like you visually visualize something specific like a specific amount of money coming to you from a specific source? And how long do you visualize that? How much time do you spend on it per day? Or do you just in general get in the state of feeling abundant and positive and grateful, with no specific requests or amounts?


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  1. faith mumo Says:

    send me stars through email

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