Giving back

May 24, 2009

Do you have a lot of extra money and frankly have no ideas what and how to do with these riches? I know some people are really rich beyond means…This is a free country and everyone has the equality to make lots of riches. Life is unfair sometimes and some people may lose out in this race. That is when we need to show some compassion and lend our hands to pull them along when we are in a stronger position.

I highly recommend this kind act of giving back into the society if you can. There are really many less unfortunates around ya. Those are the people that need assistance badly. Go directly to them rather than through some charitable homes, which I am mindful of. Give out your old cellphones, old pair of jeans or gadgets which you do not need anymore. Of course, please be considerate to make sure they are still workable and in good conditions! They are not rubbish collectors!

When the media says the recession is almost over or things seem to be coming back, what are these people talking about? The recession will never be over for some of those people. They will never be whole again. Never. Save, save, save. Spend your money wisely. Don’t have any regret down the line on how you spent or wasted your money.

Maria Duval tells me to let the money flow….i feel giving out to the society is better than splurging irresponsibly.


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