May 21, 2009

This question always bucks me. Motivation and inspiration. Are they the same or do they have different meanings?

Maria Duval tells me that the will of creation has already occurred in the vibrational axis when there is inspiration.
When there is inspiration, most of the creation has taken place already, in the vibrational realm. Action is effortless, ideas flow easily.

What about motivation?

Motivation is based on goal or ambitions, which in turn, may be based on necessity want or desire. No one can deny that with good amount of motivation, you are like adjusting the pace to a higher gear. It gets you going, it helps to clarify within you the desire to make a change. It’s good to be motivated to improve yourself, to give your best, to wanting to see results.

Maria Duval says motivation takes place from within the physical realm. Action also takes place from within this physical dimension. The change produced by this combination, has to push its way forward from a lower leverage point.

Inspiration, on the other hand, comes from the non-physical dimension, it’s like the ignition spark that turbo charges your action in the physical world. When you are inspired, motivation and the call to action come automatically, and effortlessly.

That’s the difference, I presume! 🙂


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