Change is good

May 11, 2009

Aren’t you happy that the spring is here? No matter how your life is, it ought to be the best time of the year when snow is melting and temperature gets really comfortable.

Nothing means me happier sitting at my balcony watching the birds and squirrels frolicking from branches to branches. It makes me feel the joy of life and being alive.

Next, I spent last Friday packing, shifting and unpacking my to my new sitting position. People congratulated me, saying i cream of the lot. As that’s a position that looks out to the lake and the forest at the far back of the building and is located at a corner which deems it as strategic to observe the office movement… Thanks Maria Duval for this blessings. You had said something good was coming to my life “next month” in your work. I guess that’s is it.

But that does not mean i’d have the time to sit there enjoying the view. Loads are getting heavier as there are some changes. I am simply happy for two things – my own cosy working position, and to continue my stint with a company who is growing.

Change is good. Change is inevitable. For now, change is security.


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