Spiritual mystery

April 30, 2009

Most people won’t believe in the mystical theory of the chakra discs in us unless there is a firm scientific evidence to prove their existence. Unfortunately, there is still no proof yet, therefore not many people are aware of such healing system.

There are some theories about the seven chakras and the spiritual powers they have in our physical bodies.

Maria Duval mentions that many people who practice chakra healing understand that there is a distinct similarity between the roles and positions of the glands in the endocrine system and the chakras. I don’t wish to go into details yet as i am not qualified to extrapolate on this yet.

All heightened perception comes from a deep inner feeling. We say it’s an inner knowing that comes from the Crown Chakra. Even if the perception you get is a vision, or maybe it is words you hear in your minds that are accurate, or inkling, like a flash of intuition but it is all feelings in the end. Psychic powers are usually very mental, the psychic picks up on your mind and tells you about your life, but the mental game is open to great error and misinterpretation.


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