Bridal Shower

April 16, 2009

Away from the serious topic this time. Not spirituality, Maria Duval or self-improvement this time round.

A good buddy of mine, so good that i call her my “sister” is getting married….i am so happy for her in fact. Finally she found a guy that she likes after so many futile relationships. Now minus a few weeks and counting. The sister’s wedding festivities are approaching, fast and furious.

I have promised her me and the rest of the gang will put up the best behavior. And not to usurp her moment of glory on that day 🙂 In another 3 weeks we will have the Bridal Shower and i just wonder who was the first person who came up with all these funny traditions? I volunteer to do the dishes and help out ni the baking of cakes. So, for the love of all that is dignified, give me a king-sized break.

Well, open for more suggestions for this party from you guys!

Ohh, Maria Duval, wish you will be there that day 🙂

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