Maria Duval on spiritual living

April 14, 2009

Money, cars, and latest gadgets are not true wealth. What is really true wealth is the spiritual wealth. It is 100% fine to go after material wealth – i go after it too – yet we should not forget the true meaning of living a life which is spiritual in nature.

We are born into this world as a spiritual being and we have a task of raising this spiritual level from born to death. Yes we are looking for more spiritual energy other than money, which to Maria Duval, is another form of energy that can be positive or negative. Hence, remember our task is to raise this level of spirituality to as high as possible, and as saintly as possible. That could be difficult, as we are all living in a chaotic world with many cultures, languages and religions. So as a spiritual being, we need to peel off these multi layers of difference and look for the core – our character.

When we are looking at a person’s character, we accumulate spiritual currency by increasing our love, our compassion, our gratitude, our generosity, our kindness, our connection to our soul, God, and the angelic kingdom, and so on. When we die, we then go to an astral plane that corresponds with our level of calibration.

We rise in consciousness by meditating, contemplating, praying, and acting in a way to benefit others, always striving to find the beauty and sacredness of others. When we become truly compassionate, our life becomes a blessing to all, including ourselves.


One Response to “Maria Duval on spiritual living”

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