Pivoting your negative thoughts

March 24, 2009

“Thought is a form of energy”, says Maria Duval.

Now, i am in the mood to share with you a good way to change your bad mood to something positive. It’s really a great way to tune your mind. The works on the Law of Attraction, which I guess you have heard of before.

This spiritual law implies that if you have a negative thought which makes you feel bad, the more you think of it and never let go, the more negative thoughts you would accumulate in your mind and soon, it will be flooded with a deluge of negativities. You will feel very downtrodden and sorry to yourself when this is happening.

For example, on the way to work on the freeway someone cuts into your lane and you get mad over it. Soon you start to think how many idiotic road users these days who never care about the other drivers. As you travel, the traffic gets slower and you realize you could be late. Now you think that the boss will not be happy, and you start to blame the state govt for not building more roads to relieve the traffic. Soon you heard a lot of blaring hones as each car tries to take advantage of the one next to him. You think the world is going crazy and why you are always so unlucky in life! And at the same time, you wonder why your wife treated you so badly last night over such a trivial issue…yeah, and soon enough, you’ll be a man in ignorant vengeance if this kind of escalating feeling is not properly curbed.

So, do you think you can change the driver’s mind when you react negatively? In fact, the only thing you have any control over and take responsibility for, is the direction of your thoughts. Yes. taking control of and changing a negative stream of bad feeling thoughts to a positive and good feeling stream of thoughts.

So maybe this is what you can do when it happens in you one day. “I can’t wait to get home tonight. My wife’s got a great evening planned with some friends coming over. What a great day – the weather is just fantastic. We had a great holiday this year, that was a wonderful hotel where we stayed. I couldn’t stop giggling to myself all morning over that comedy we watched on TV last night. The traffic is a little slow but my boss is a really great guy and will understand.”

Yeah, this is what i mean here. Give it a try.


One Response to “Pivoting your negative thoughts”

  1. Luke Says:

    Nice tips, thank you.

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