“Cute little girl”

March 22, 2009

A couple of years ago, after a work seminar, a bunch of us were hanging out at the hotel bar chatting and exchanging namecards, or doing some causual networking. While we were sitting at the hotel lounge busily self-introducing to each one, one of the guys who attended the seminar told us he “chased ghosts.” Somehow, this opened up the can of bottled up encounters with the spooky kind. I think it was fun, and surprisingly, so many people seemed to have some sort of paranormal experiences in their lives.

I told them a story of a distant relative who stays at Ashland, MA where there was a very old restaurant formerly known as John Stone’s Inn. It is now called Stone’s Public House. It has been said to be haunted for some time.

About one decade or so ago, my aunt (mother’s elder sister) was having dinner there at the 2nd floor. I was told that my aunt looked across the table to one of the windows and saw a cute little girl looking into the windows from outside and laughing. She nudged her husband who was sitting next to her. But the little girl disappeared when both of them looked at the windows direction again.

Later that week, my aunt somehow felt uneasy of this encounter. She went back to the restaurant to take a look to see if someone could have been looking in from the window. Yes, there was indeed a balcony outside, but the strange thing was that at the ground floor, there was an old rickety metal gate which apparently had not been touched for a long time. There was no way a little kid could have climb over the window ledge from inside?! At any rate, I was related that one of the supposed ghosts at the inn was indeed a little girl who has been spotted laughing!

I had never encountered such spooky things before. My aunt told me years ago, she felt peace when she saw the little girl and never at all suspected anything haunted or unusual about her. As the windows ledge was quite high, she thought that she must be a “floating” spirit because she said the girl looked cute.

Do you have any spooky stories to share about?

Have a great week!


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