Dream and subsconscious

March 18, 2009

Lately I have been dreaming about someone. Not Maria Duval of course. Yeah, about my very first boyfriend, Ralph. That happen in my high school nearly 2 decades ago. We were the best of the best couples in my mind and i had no doubt that we would get married one day. Somehow he had a big psychological and emotional effect on me.

Unfortunately, external events happened and his whole family shifted to west coast and due to that we strayed apart gradually. I was devastated when he wrote a letter to me saying we should go separate ways as he had known a girl in his area.

After a couple of months of morning, i picked up and told myself to move it on. Since then I had dated a few guys too. However i know deep inside my subconscious, Ralph is always here like a shadow. I think about him from time to time but not all the time and I am just wondering why he is appearing in my dreams. I have not kept in contact with him and as far as I knew he was married shortly after that.

According to Maria Duval, she says that this is normal because the subconscious keeps energies which are released from the conscious mind. Thus even if the conscious mind decides to give up something or to remove it from the mind, the subconscious will, more than likely, keep that as a memory which will trigger dreams and related considerations in the future. Sometimes after days, weeks or years, such a memory comes up or a dream that is related is experienced.

That’s a great explanation to my dreams…


2 Responses to “Dream and subsconscious”

  1. Ms. Duval is very talented. I’d also say that this *feels* like unfinished business. SERIOUSLY unfinished business.

    Does this make sense to you?

    Many blessings.

    • Jackie R. Says:

      Dear Ginae, forgive me as I do not quite understand what you mean by “unfinished business”? Do you have any contact Ms Duval?

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