Wealthy Mindset

March 16, 2009

Mindset is the difference between wealthy people and poor (even average) people, not all the money that wealthy people have and the average don’t, nor the luxury, nor the lifestyle.

Why do i say that?

Some lucky people who strike it rich overnight with luck comes. Look at their wealth level shortly after. It is said that their prior financial condition returned soon too.

Why is that so? That is why Maria Duval says it is due down to the mindset of a person, not the kind of lavish lifestyle that makes someone richer. Real wealthy people act and think differently when it comes to money and possession. Yes. we have to ‘think’ like real wealthy people.

Most of us go shopping while holding on to this principle: Buy now, struggle later. When wealthy people go shopping they think: Delay it now, invest the money, and have all you want later on! They embrace delayed gratification. That is also why so many people are in debts nowadays as the amount of money they earn could not keep up with the outlay each month in paying off the card bills, loans and who knows what. Yes, being a slave of the debts is a tormenting affair. It is an ordeal that can crush many people’s will.

It is important to be debt free as this is a positive affair. The first step to rich is surely to get rid of your debts. By being debt-free, they have more money to save and invest. I do encounter people who dislike the word “invest”. They think that this word is more dangerous than swimming through a croc infested river, especially now at this economic crisis.

Maria Duval says that we need to love money, not to sneer at money. Yes there are really people who sneer at money and how will money really like them in return?

By having the right mindset, you will not only be able to have abundant riches, but also a great chance to live abundantly: do all the things that provide satisfaction, spend quality time with you family and friends, and have all the time and money to voluntarily help other people and make your part of the world a better place to live.


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