Learning to catch that frequency

March 11, 2009

I think I would love to have telepathic skills and allow me to send and receive signals to anyone I fancy. From some readings, I gather than telepathy is common just that many people don’t know they have this ability. This is something one can actually learn and get better with practice. Maria Duval regularly uses her telepathic skills with me in spiritual sessions, and according to her, it is actually not tough to learn it just that we need to follow some rules.

Telepathy may also be known by other name like ESP. It happens frequently in life too like how many times you were thinking about someone intensely and it happened that he appears at your door, or called? This is a simple but very common example of telepathy.

Firm belief and faith are needed if one where to learn to be telepathic. Maria Duval suggests people view it with open minds and look beyond the boundaries of religious beliefs. This is the faster way to learn and sharpen telepathic learning. You must cultivate and increase your inner ability to receive messages and signals; this is something you can practice with someone else, someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

It may also be good to have a partner if you wish to learn telepathy. Maybe someone close to you like your spouse. It can do wonders with this kind of close connection.

Meditation helps too as it allows body to relax and bond to the surrounding spiritually. Yoga works too because it also relaxes your muscles and allow better flow of “qi” in your body. While relaxing you should think that you are somewhere else. Picture the place in your mind and try to send yourself there. You should practice going and coming back from that place often. Do the same with your spouse: while meditating, ask him or her to think a particular color, place or even item.

Repeat this exercise daily will allow your telepathic ability to improve. Soon you may even knows what your office colleagues are thinking!


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