Maria Duval on financial blueprint in our mind

March 11, 2009

Maria Duval says we got to show right kind of appreciation to this friend called money – yes, no matter how much or little you may have in your pocket, because through this mindset, we are doing ourselves a good as it is a kind of attitude that pulls a vibration of prosperity.

With this mindset, it will go down deep into our subconscious mind, which is then pumped up to come out with ideas that can attract us prosperity and set those into motion.

Yes it is very easy for us to feel jealous over those who are better off, we all still need to feel appreciative over what we have presently, how we finance our lives. Yes, no matter how much or how low our funds, it never seems enough–because there is always more that we need and could use. Ironically, the less we have and the more we express thankfulness and appreciativeness for what we do have, the more we begin the process of prospering.

Maria Duval says when we show appreciation, this act opens up doors of opportunity as it is a a catalyst for further financial growth. Our sense of enjoying whatever wealth we possess invites us to venture boldly into more promising enterprises. Yes i understand when we bank digits are low and we worry about life and future. This is really no good to our long term prosperity. When the subconscious is stifled, we limit our imagination and harm our own inner power we need to transform outer circumstances.

Furthermore, what we are looking for is actually a blueprint to our financial success and how to improve your circumstances. If we limit ourselves, we are actually stopping us from seeing income-producing opportunities right in front. When you focus on high amount, then you’ll actively seek out income and you’ll see things that other people miss. Your imagination will be alive with the possibility of creative thinking. Maria Duval explains that when this happens, you’ll see money for what it is–a medium of exchange–and a way for you to create new products and services that are revenue generating.

There is a big difference. Poor people spend most of their time trying to prevent losses, while rich people spend most of their time thinking of how to grow the money. The big difference in their blueprints and how they filter information is based on their depth of gratitude for what they do have.


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