Emotions from the past

February 27, 2009

Since running this blog, I have to contemplate what to write all the time. Yes I regard this as responsibility to myself and to do my part to clear up her name somehow. Therefore, I have to always think and look for inspirations as my theme is more about spirituality and paranormal. It is not an easy topic to write about.

Hence, every morning I wake up wondering what I should be writing about that would bring light, cheers and love into our increasingly bottled up lives.

Suddenly, this cold morning when I woke up, as I was brushing my teeth, an fleeting idea came by and I remembered a discussion I had a few days ago with a wonderful friend of mine. We were chatting really serious topic about about past lives or reincarnations and how bad events that happened in our previous lives can still come back to take its told on us in this lifetime.

Bad emotions, incidents and mental traumas leave imprints in our subconscious and these carry us through to the next life time. They come back to haunt us and conflict us in the next life, and our spiritual goal is to resolve our karmic mistakes and emerge from the dark chapters of past lives stronger and lighter each time we are reborn.

Clear answers may not come to us just yet, and they certainly won’t come to us without dedicated work to finding them. We may not even be destined to find the answers at this time. However, there is one thing we can always remember in the grip of karmic confusion: whatever we fear the most had already happened.

Fears are resonances from the past that distort the present. Meditate when you feel you are blocked; see what past life fears prevent you from being fulfilled in this life.


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