When anxiety attacks…

February 22, 2009

In this stressful time, many of us who suffer financial losses might have suffered a great deal of emotional upheavals due to rapid shrinking of personal fortunes or assets. In the worst case, the sole breadwinner of the family being asked to leave due to company downsizing. This certainly creates a lot of anxieties about yourself, family and future. Already we have heard of many family tragedies occured due to these few reasons.

So if say you have been under the negative shroud of anxiety attack for some period of time, probably, seeking professional help via councilors or therapists is the best possible way. And most likely taken all the medication that your body and mind can stand only to find your self at the same horrible place you started at!

Having anxiety and anxiety attacks is an emotionally traumatic experience that only those who have had it understand, all the drugs and medications in the world will not cure your anxiety problems either, because they do not treat the reason behind the anxiety, they just block the symptoms temporarily.

To fight such emotional distress, there are numerous methods to relieve the intensity of such panic attack. Like some forms of meditation, acupuncture, aromatherapy, as well as plenty of herbal remedies!

The crux lies in knowing which one is good for you and how you are going to use it to the best of your benefits. As such, a bit of trial and error might be needed, and this is helpful especially when you know it can never be fully eradicated from you life unless there is a radical shift in mind control and thinking.

Personally I did encounter some anxiety problems a few years back when my parents were on the verge of breaking up. I must say it was traumatic especially for someone young that time. Although I feel fine now, I know that they are still there, but thankfully also to Maria Duval and some spiritual practices like yoga, now I’m easily able to control them so that I carry on with things as normal. Yes, no one realizes that at all..

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