Contract of yourself

February 18, 2009

We are all creative beings with seemingly limitless possibilities. We have the right tools to come out with whatever inventions to help us in our lives. The best of the best surely will get the accolades and awards, but look at them, they are not much different from the rest. The thing that is different is that they feel responsible for themselves and their own lives.

Yes this is basically a contract you write for yourself. This is powerful because it essentially drives you on and it makes you more bonded to what you have promised in the words. You won’t try to breach this agreement as that would mean a failure to fulfill this assignment.

However, there is a need for you to self understand what you hope to receive in return. I feel it is appropriate to list out in terms of spiritual, physical and mental attributes. Make this list as long as you can, and once you have it done, sit down and ask yourself which are the top five you need the most in life.

When you set this list of desires, Maria Duval says it is important to be as explicit as possible, and this means tell yourself the details of your goals. For example, if you want to nice car, write it down it’s model, color, and speed. Or if you want a nice house, write down the address. These particulars will create order in your mind and intensify your desire.

Another part of this personal “contract” is tell yourself what things in your life you currently have that you want to give up. Yes, you need to give before you can receive what you want. The spiritual law of giving always applies. You can’t achieve without giving. Examples of giving could be lowering your standard of living and donate a part of the money to charities instead of spending it on lavish objects. You may have to adopt a new state of mind, which can require much more effort… Meditating on what you want out of life will enable you to decide on what you will give.

So what i just describes in your personal contract – your own personal sit of responsibilities.


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