Psychic Abilities…

February 9, 2009

It is true that there are some people in this world who have the uncanny ability to predict what will happen in the future with some degree of accuracy. They are able to do this feat because of their natural extra-sensory perfections (ESP) such as clairvoyance and sixth sense. People such as Edgar Cayce and Maria Duval are examples of such people with sharp psychic ability.

Studies have revealed a degree of belief among some scientists and spiritualists, as after all, who would not be interested to know more about the future? Parapsychologists have also studied psychics for a long time and the results point out that some of the psychic feats are scientifically explainable and plausible.

One prime form of psychic is clairvoyance which comes from a French word and this refers to people who are able to “tune” in or sense energies beyond the range of normal humans, such as perceive distant events.

There are also clairaudience which means able to pick up sounds beyond the normal human range and clairsentence which means the ability to understand past, present and future event from feelings.

Psychics are controversial group of people throughout history because common people are skeptical about their abilities and some think they are satanic or even trying to deceive. But through modern science, the image has been gradually improved and now there are more people turning to psychics as alternative healers.

Some psychic feats are simply astounding and they are able to use their powers well and hence able to establish a connection with souls. Some have the means to delve into your mental world and connect with your mind and spirit so as to solve your life problems.

There are also psychic techniques commonly used for perceptions and they include divination arts like tarot cards, numerology, telepathy and astrology. For example, it is said that tarot card readers are able to predict your future and foretelling some major events coming your way, while psychometry represents the astonishing gift of moving objects using mind powers. Telepathy is something more commonly acceptable and it is is basically mind-to-mind communication.

Throughout the long history of humanity of whatever culture, humans have always replied on psychics and fortune-tellers to peek into the future. This is still the same situation today and will be the same one century from now. Humans are spiritual in nature and therefore, psychics will always be around to play the role of filling this spiritual void on areas like work, relationship, love and money.

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