Erasing your emotional pains

February 3, 2009

Everyone of us faces stresses in life. We all know stress burdens us psychologically and physically when it comes into our lives. It is not a nice feeling yet when we are in the stress mire, somehow we just do not know it ourselves and we sink deeper into it. Maria Duval thinks stress is an often misunderstood subject.

Maria Duval sums up succinctly. An event occurs in one’s life and this event is regarded to be “threatening” or “stepping” over one’s boundary which then triggers an unconsciously held programmed fear response. The response is stress as we all know it.

What I read from Maria’s explanation is that we all have a “reservoir” of negative memories deep inside us and unconsciously hidden. This is a vase of emotional pains and traumas. When a new external even happens to match this bottled up mental distress, a “re-eruption” of this emotional pain into conscious awareness occurs. That’s why different people have different ways to counter stresses.

It does not take experts to conclude that the deeper emotional pain erupts, the stronger the feeling of anxiety or fear accompanies it. It is very negative force because a lot of good positive energies inside you are expended to fend these fears and pressures off. Yes, it is very draining. That is why stressful people often feel downtrodden or lethargic. Maria says these drained energies are our precious energies of life! This drainage will bite into our mind, body and soul. That is why it is important we protect this life energy. Once a person is totally depleted of this energy, we die!

So, Maria Duval concludes that the real problems of living stress come from our early memories of emotional pains. Yes, the good news is that through her guide, I am learning ways to “purge” these emotional scars in me.


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