Meaning and History of Tarot Cards

January 21, 2009

My first encounter with Tarot Cards was at a local fair. I was amazed, when I sat down with this reader and she dealt the cards, what she was able to reveal to me about my life.Not only what she told me, but the accuracy of the reading. I became instantly intrigued with how she was able to tell me so much accurate information about myself and was determined to find out the meaning of Tarot cards and the history surrounding them.

Tarot Cards will always tell you what you need to know. They are a great way to obtain advice and guidance in different areas of your life.They are unique and each shuffling of the cards will relate to you and only you.

Where did Tarot Cards originate?

It is believed that Tarot Cards originated in Italy in the 14th Century. They are comprised of a group of symbols. A deck of Tarot Cards is a collection of 78 images. Twenty two of these images are the Major Arcana while the remaining 56 are the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana consists of four suits each with fourteen cards. Arcana means secrets or mysteries. The early symbolism was deeply rooted in Medieval Europe. Numbering and titles were not used on the early tarot cards but has evolved over time.

Tarot Cards are a tool. The true power of the tarot is the reader who interprets what these images mean. They are an intermediary between the conscious and unconcious mind.

The early Tarot cards were used for a variety of purposes. They are sometimes used as an aid to meditation. Also they were a card game. This card game is similar to Whist. It is believed that the original Tarot Cards were conceived from the card game Tarochi. Since the 1700’s though Tarot Cards have mainly been used to let you know what is happening in your life and the path your life is taking.

There is nothing sinister in Tarot Cards.

Remember, though, that the reading of tarot cards is only as good as the reader. It is vitally important that the reader has a very good understanding of the meanings of the various cards. If the reader is not proficient in this then the reading will be flawed. This is the main cause of poor and incorrect readings.

It is not intended to delve into the meanings of individual cards in the Tarot Deck in this article but to give you a small insight into the history surrounding the development of Tarot Cards.

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One Response to “Meaning and History of Tarot Cards”

  1. I would agree whole heartedly that there is nothing sinister in Tarot Cards. Unless you have had experience with them, they can seem quite complex and a total mystery.

    The reading of tarot cards is only as good as the reader is true, but true also is the your connectedness with yourself at the time of the reading. If you’re very scattered, upset or have little energy focused on what you want to know about, the reading can come out a little obscure.

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