Animal sixth sense at work

January 18, 2009

Do you think pets especially those who are warm to our hearts like dogs and cats really do have an extra set of sensational and psychic senses?

I wrote this because there are many reports from pet owners about an uncanny and often times ineffable connection with their pets that seemingly transcends the simple and obvious love that is obviously apparent. This connection is nearing the psychic spectrum!

For example, most pet owners will acknowledge that when it comes to a favorite activity, your dog will actually “sense” something special is about to happen, even when you offer no outward sign that this is upcoming.

Can your dog differentiate between you getting ready to go to work, rather than preparing for a walk with him? And how about the dogs, and cats I may add, that sense death? Sometime last year, there was a buzzing press report about a death cat that could sense death in a hospital with visit the room of someone whose death was near until the person went away!

How about animals like elephants, horse, cows, goats and birds that can foretell the coming of an enormous earthquake or volcanic eruption, or even tsunamis, while their human counterparts were blissfully unaware of what was upcoming, until disasters struck.

Finally, there are many interesting studies being conducted on pet owners, and dogs are actually filmed while owners are at work. The interesting things happen when the owners are on the way home, the dogs start to show strange and frantic behaviors. And this is time independent, meaning owners would deliberately come home at any time.

So from now on, maybe you can let your pet pick the winning lottery numbers!?


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