Wealth obeys some rules

January 16, 2009

Have you ever wondered why some people live in comfort and luxury while many others are staying in grave and depressing existence?

In fact, if these people don’t have a pleasant life it is because they are not aware of these principles and mostly how to put them into practice in order to transform them into tangible riches.

From Maria Duval’s teachings, I understand that wealth does obey some rules if you wish to be favored by the Universe.

The point is, do you think you really love money? Do you want money to love you?

Some people think that morally this is not right to love money. I beg to say, this is not equivalent to greedy.
Lots of people lack money because they bear a grudge to grind against money in general and also against those who, in their view, are too wealthy. Maria Duval says this is a mistake which you cannot make. It’s like asking your loved one to leave you and then complain then you are lonely later on. Once you do that, your loved one will never return, won’t it?

So, one thing is for sure, there is not such thing as dirty money but rather, the wicked minds who handle it and dirty it.

From now on, look at money with respect and love 🙂


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