Sucess comes from Firm Belief

January 13, 2009

What is the single most important thing that brings success. From I Know , success is a combination and integration of multiple things. But , what the key that triggers all other things?

Success comes from belief and belief is the mother of expectation. Even notice how some people consistently run into roadblocks, barriers and walls? These people will go on about how all the opportunities are gone and how the world is so unfair and how the government should level the playing field and on and on and on…

Then there are people who consistently go out and simply get things done. For the most part, they’re positive and don’t dwell on failure because to them, there is no failure, only learning.

Both of these types harvest results according to their expectations, beliefs and attitudes. And it all begins with their thinking.

Some would say that we’re wired a certain way and that we can’t change who we are. And that simply isn’t accurate. It’s true that if a person comes from a positive and nurturing environment it’s probably easier to be positive in his or her daily activities and reap the benefits of their positive attitude. But what about those who came from dysfunctional environments? Do they even have a chance? Of course.

But first they must recognize that their thoughts create their reality. Then they must want to change that reality. Finally, they must take action to change it.

They might start with their self talk. People who are successful engage themselves in positive dialog most of the time. People who manage to find little more than obstacles in life, either consciously or unconsciously, are consistently telling themselves, in a number of non-nurturing ways, I can’t, it won’t, it never will, etc.

The key to change is to recognize these patterns and immediately stop the pattern once recognized. Some wear a loose rubber band around one wrist. When they notice a non-productive thought, they snap the band to the underside of the wrist (where is really smarts) and interrupt the thought. This helps to break the pattern. After a while the brain realizes that non-productive thoughts are uncomfortable. Easy, huh?

But that’s not enough. Stopping the non-productive thinking is only half the challenge. They then have to fill the void where the untoward thoughts once lived. This is where they can repeat a positive affirmation. A good start would be to simply say, “I am worthy, I am successful, I am love, I am abundance.” These are all good starts.


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