Balancing on a tightrope

January 12, 2009

Feel like tightrope
The feeling of spirituality is surreal. It feels like dashing to and from two separate worlds. We become ungrounded and loose touch with the physical side of life. When our spiritual mission becomes clear, it is even truer.

I feel that trying to learn how to breathe and how to walk between these two ends of experiences until they combine is quite a tedious act of balance. It’s simple to select and gets confused in the new experience because it feels so nice and right. Regular aspects in the physical world seem less important and get set aside, many times incomplete.

This tightrope doesn’t have the same thinness as the rope we think of in the circus. A spiritual path is actually on the ground and wider even though it feels like walking on air at times. If you step to one side, you engulf yourself totally in the awe of spirituality. The other, the physical world. And because of its alluring influence, it is easy to understand why we prefer to be there.

A little journal
In this age of blogs and websites, you may think journals are useless junkies. I do not think so. Have a little separate journal devoted strictly to people, places and things, that you love, is great to keep your mind sharp and poignant. It is your personal chest of your mind. You might be thinking, “How can I fill up a whole book?” I
shared this sentiment for years. It is easy. Just write a few lines before you sleep. You re done in five mins. It can be a twitter-like kid of journals to keep your mind imaginative when you jot that down. it
became easy. A richer life began emerging because of it over time.

2 Responses to “Balancing on a tightrope”

  1. Wonderful post. I agree with you that keeping a journal is not a thing of the past and is an effective tool for the mind and the imagination.

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