Romance horoscope and love relationship

January 8, 2009

I think love horoscope and romance horoscope are popular. I receive a lot of traffic searching for this term.
I guess this is because love is primitive drive for us, the emotion to find a partner to accompany us. So it’s no surprise how popular the romance horoscope has become, and we all want to know or have love no matter what’s your successes in other aspects of life. Ya, it is intriguing.

As such, I have a strong belief that astrological sign plays a part between lovers. What love horoscope does is that it will map each person’s astrological sign – including the details surrounding their birth – and compare it to their partner’s – or prospective partner’s – same information.

By now most should know that in western belief, the date of our birth is linked with one of the twelve zodiac signs. These signs are said to determine our personality. A romance horoscope pairs Zodiac signs according to compatibility. Each sign clearly will have more than one astrological match; that’s where love comes in to play.

Ye, there is a physical attraction at first. It is not depended on the zodiacs. However, it is good to go further to give prospective couples inside information regarding what personality conflicts may arise in possible relationships because i have seen great difference in personality say between a Cancer and a Sagittarius.

A fully charted romance horoscope can tell what effect their Zodiac sign will have on their romantic life by detailing their specific information and the signs with whom they will be most compatible.

Therefore, a horoscope can give you great insight into yourself. However, Maria Duval advises that such information is really only a framework, or a reference, within which real life happens. A compatible reading from love horoscope can only do more goods to the overall relation in a couple, as we are most often drawn to those people with whom we are more compatible with.


2 Responses to “Romance horoscope and love relationship”

  1. rose roma Says:

    maria, january 21 1966,is my bday,could you send me your address,please im mailing a check and need correct address,thank you rose

    • Jackie R. Says:

      Hi Rose, I am not Maria Duval. You can refer to the address stated on your letter received from Maria for her mailing address. Happy Birthday! :

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