Lots of Inspiration

January 6, 2009

Inspiration is powerful and it keeps you going. It is even more powerful than motivation as motivation is based on goals which, in turn, may be based on necessity want or desire. However inspiration fills those reasons with hope, possibility and keeps the “grind” from becoming too grindy.

What is inspiration exactly? Maria Duval says it is a mix of your vision and mission. A vision is the first step toward turning your motivation into inspiration. A person with a vision sees down the road and he paints a mental picture of what he wants to see in the near future.

Once the vision is firmly inside your mind, let it become your driving force. Let the vision excite you with the possibility of its fulfillment and you will automatically begin the next step – on a mission. Your mission is to bring about the realization of the vision. If you keep the vision in mind, you will move forward in the mission, accomplishing enthusiastically step by step that which is necessary to bring the vision into reality. You will have developed a sense of excitement, importance and urgency which will keep the fires of inspiration burning in your heart and moving you ever onward and upward.

My aim is to inspire as many people as possible to passionately pursue and do their dreams. Revitalize your dreams. Start today. Don’t just dream; dream BIG dreams! Put them in your heart, then put them on the wall, refrigerator, mirror … wherever you’ll see them often. Remind yourself you are more than worthy of everything your heart ever imagined. Believe, then diligently commit to a plan to achieve….


2 Responses to “Lots of Inspiration”

  1. Lunesoleil Says:

    Bonsoir Maria Duval
    C’est suite à la découverte par hasard de votre passage sur TeleProvidence et ensuite la réactualisation de la vidéo que j’ai ensuite trouvé votre site et après ce blog
    Une astrologue voyante c’est rare et surtout pas commun . C’est souvent mal perçu de préviliéger l’intuition dans la pratique de l’astrologie qui ne donnerais pas une bonne image à l’astrologie
    Après la déouverte de Jiddu Krishnamurti sur Faceboock et les vidéos en français , le jour de la Nouvelle lune en 12 dans la lunaison pour Paris dans mon MC et maison 5 en Révolution solaire .
    Auriez vous une conjonction Mars/Neptune pour avoir ce don exceptionnel de la voyance ?
    Ce soir je viens d’écouter our la seconde fois la vidéo avec une attention particulière que je n’avais pas la première fois …
    Avec toute ma sympathie

    • Jackie R. Says:

      Hi Francois,

      Sorry, I am not Maria as I am just another of her customers. Also I dont understand French hence unable to reply to you.


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