The real psychic

December 16, 2008

Are Psychics real?People with power to predict the future always make laymen wonder are what they predicted real? Or are they real? People always ask about this question when they heard a psychic prophecy. The answer is often not a straightforward one as people always turn to psychics or clairvoyants when life is cornered.

Parapsychology is a form of science that studies these psychic phenomena and in this modern times, advanced electronic equipment is often used to test for psychic phenomena. Equipment like EMF detectors, temperature sensors, static electricity detectors, ionization detectors, motion detectors, EVP recording devices, RF detectors, and radiation monitors are often used to study paranormal activities.

No matter how, I believe strongly in the existence of spiritual plane and so do many people as many things can’t be explained from the scientific point of view. After learning so much about psychic, spirituality and self-improvement from Maria Duval, I think it is best that we keep an open mind because not everything around can be scientifically measured or explained.

So, my own answer to the question “are psychics real?” is “Yes, I believe they are”.

One Response to “The real psychic”

  1. pochp Says:

    There is a reliable source somewhere who said that even the CIA and FBI uses psychics to help them solve cases.

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