The Library of Thoughts

December 8, 2008

We all have thoughts so I just have a funny question. Where do these thoughts come from and where do they go to?

Maria Duval says that we are all part of this vast Universe with our physical existence. Similarly it is right to say that we also stay within a vast non-physical universe of thought which can be term the “Universal Mind”, which is a “database” or “library” of all thoughts that we send out and receive.

By this analogy, it is not wrong to say then that there is big boss in charge behind of this “library”, a head “librarian”. This profound concept of a master librarian brings us to the final stretch of the equation of
“selfness”. Maria Duval describes this as our physical bodies, our spiritual minds and spirit or soul. It is this spirit or soul that links us to the beginning of all of existence, seen and unseen, tangible and intangible.

Here we are in physical realm called Earth. We call and send out information via our invisible thoughts in the non-physical universe called the Universal Mind. We connect it under the omnipresent observation of our meta-physical spiritual mind.

At these stratospheric levels of our consciousness, we are all One at the highest levels of awareness. That’s right, we are all One.


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