About fear, Mom and new WordPress

December 4, 2008

Fear is an inner monster amongst all of us. It is a state in your mind that will prove to be a great obstacle to overcome should you decide to conquer yourself mentally. We all have fears at anytime. New kinds of fear appearing everyday and old primordial fears are ingrained there in our minds to haunt us. Therefore fear is something we all face all the time. How are we going to live this life depends on how we are going to manage this fear.

I once read there is a very long list of phobias and the kind of fears people have are nothing short of astounding! For example, dendrophobia- Fear of trees.

Personally I realize I do not have much fear? Fear of death? Let me recall…Oh yes, I have fearful to get a nagging from my Mom, who nags at me whenever she has something to pick about me. However, I really miss her nagging and scolding recently as I have not met for a couple of months as I was stationed at another State at the branch over there.

By the way, I really love this new WordPress interface. It is a pleasant surprise to see it when I login today. Features are easier to be located now… Thanks for the great job, WordPress team!

New WordPress Interface


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