Rid yourself of guilt and regret

December 1, 2008

There are really a lot of things written about the theory of universal attraction. There are also many books about this topic recently too. I think there is no right or wrong about each version. All the are the basically, because the law of attraction is a natural law that occurs and no one can say his version is the right one.

Being such a popular topic, I feel there is a need to really understand LOA the law of attraction. Applying LOA is different to being a dreamer who only dreams of money falling off from the sky.

Through a great guru, I got to know this universal law last year and i do see some positive results in my persona life. I am really thankful for that. What is most important to see it being successful in your life is right at the very initial part where you just start to practise it. Clear the initial obstacles and you will be half way to success!

The main principle behind the law of attraction is that we create and attract everything in our lives. We are the creators of our lives and everything in it. That means that on some level, we have control over everything in our lives.

Take an example of an old friend of mine. For years since early 2000s, he had been worrying one day he’d get retrenched as he feared he was not able to catch up with the younger guys in terms of productivity and the “wow” factor. He had a middle level job and he looked reasonably successful, earning a six figure income annually in a bank, but inside, he confided that life was tough and besides the glamor of working for a big bank, other parts in his life sucked. His marriage failed subsequently. So in this credit crunch, he got retrenched recently. I think this is really a good example of law of attraction. He is someone who has been worried for years about his own job security and eventually he got laid off. Did they attract that with their worry? It’s possible.

Maria Duval is right. You have to adjust your conditioning if you want to change the outcome that you want to attract in your life.

In short, let me ask whether are you the kind of person who regrets and feels guilty about an event in your life? And, do you feel as if you are less of a person because of a particular circumstance that was or is in your life?

Today is the day that you will rid yourself of the regret and guilt. You got to do that. When you re-live a part of your past or a circumstance that you wish had gone differently, you are creating the same feelings and thoughts that created the original circumstance. Five years later, you will be asking the same question as what you ask now.


One Response to “Rid yourself of guilt and regret”

  1. Replace guilt and regret with gratitude. Be grateful every evening before laying down to sleep and review that list every morning before you get out of bed. Focus on it and start to change your mindset. Accept the present moment and move on there is no room for guilt or regrets.

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