The wonders of psychic healing

November 3, 2008

With mental healing, we can achieve a healthy mind, soul and body. Apart from this, there is also another often forgotten advantage of spiritual gain that can be improved on. From this spiritual aspect, psychic healing allows me to have better, calmer, purer and meditative nature.

With ignorance of our adult life, this spiritual nature of us is forever tainted with impurities of the materialistic life, unless we allow our spirits to have a chance to rehabilitate and heal. Psychic healing is exactly for this enlightened purpose. It shouldn’t be something that is practised when we are spiritually down, but rather, we should practise it as often as we can, irregardless of the race and religion in my opinion.

The psychic healing searches for to re-invigorate the health where there is spiritual ailments. And let me state that this does not necessarily mean there is physical discomfort in the person. Therefore, psychic healing comes into play to alleviate the spiritual discomfort, allows the body to regain the lost functions, and subsequently improve on the quality of the person’s life. I am a perfect example who has been healed by psychically by Maria.

In terms of religion, psychic healing also allows a person to be closer and closer to God. By letting go of the past bad experiences is a very divine form of psychic healing and this brings the soul closer to the One.

In closing, I think psychic healing does not mean a magic healing performed by occults or an alternative healing, but rather a spiritual therapy that can be used symmetrically with the physical treatments prescribed by psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists.


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