Courage – backbone of man

October 21, 2008

Do you think it is right to say that?

A great courageous man has persistence. By courageous does not mean daring to use physical means to achieve the mission, but state what he believes and puts it into execution with confidence and without fears of the unknown in front. He draws to himself all the moral qualities and mental forces which go to make up a courageous man. A important element of success.


When there is lack of courage, when a new problem comes, instead of looking upon it as something to be achieved, the man or woman without courage looks for reasons why it cannot be done and failure is
naturally the almost inevitable result. Lack of courage destroys your confidence in yourself. It destroys that forceful, resolute attitude so important to success. He then blames his luck when things do not get in his way. We have seen this repeating all too often among us.

So let me ask, what is courage?

Let me answer myself. To me, courage means that will and fighting spirit to do and never give up. Courage concentrates the positive mental forces to attract more positive forces. Cowardice, though, is opposite as it dissipates energy and breaks it apart. That’s why my guidance Maria Duval always warns to steer clear of disruptive and coward men. We should avoid persons that lack courage and they are easy to be picked up because of their habits of fear and rejecting new problems or always thinking impossible even before starting.

Never let another’s opinion affect you; he cannot tell what you are able to do; he does not know what you can do with your forces. The truth is you do not know yourself until you put yourself to the test. Therefore, how can someone else know? Never let anyone else put a valuation on you.

Also, fear is the worst enemy we have. Fear paralyzes energy. It keeps us from attracting the forces that go to make up success. So always concentrate and visaulize on the opposite of fear which is courage.

Lastly, the man of courage overcomes the trials and temptations of life; he commands success; he renders sound judgment; he develops personal influence and a forceful character and often becomes the mentor of the community which he serves.


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