Do things come in opposite states?

October 20, 2008

There’s a saying I heard, which in translation, it sounds something like this: “For every one that is rising there’s one falling down.” Basically it means all things in life must have balance and there are always a two states of equilibrium.

Maria Duval concludes by putting it as everything in life has balance, when good things happen to us something bad happens to someone else also effected by the same things that effected us but in opposite way.

For example, if one team wins in a football match their fans are going home happy and satisfied but opponent’s fans are disappointed, sad and angry. Or in a more realistic workplace scenario, one guy gets promoted and another guy gets displaced. In more personal experience, you win the heart of a pretty lady but in the process, breaks the heart of her other suitors.

Or is this the case?

Somehow I think good and bad are relative terms. Good and bad to you is different from the good and bad of my own definitions. People could be sad because they had a desired outcome which failed to manifest. That’s why people believe that “suffering comes when there are expectations”.

In this famous book, The Secret, it’s said that only 3% of population is rich on this world cause they understand laws that are ruling the world. But still there’s 75% poor people. That is far from perfect 50-50 balance.

Do you believe that one day real balance can happen on earth? Is this real and fair balance? Or maybe this balance will destroy our world? In nature everything seems to be working on 50-50 principle, but we are ruining this.

If you realize bad things that will happen somewhere when you reach your goal, it can be helpful for reaching you goal and tell you is it worth it.


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