A Thankful Heart

October 16, 2008

“A thankful heart is not only the greatest Virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.” Cicero, a great Roman philosopher.

What exactly is a thankful heart?

Thankful Heart

At this age, our hearts are easily broken;our faith easily betrayed by failing financial giants and government. We seem to face more disappointments, and life seems so easily to dispense failure and dissatisfaction and heartbreak?

So to adopt the spirit of a thankful heart in your life must be deem as insane in this uncertain world. Imagine you are someone who loses a lot of money in the turmoils now, I doubt you would adopt a thankful heart attitude. However I would like people to do the best not to be self defeatist. Do not give up.

Many spiritual experts and speakers say that the Law of Attraction operates by sending back to you whatever you send out to the universe.

What could that be like? Well, obviously, if you lose your job, you could get a better job, one that you would never thought of looking for. If you lose a boyfriend or have a divorce, there could be something in store from you. Things that seem bad are not always the worst possible things. Sometimes they are just a way of the universe opening up new possibilities for you to enjoy.

Therefore, at the very least, when something unexpected happens, you can realize that you are stepping into the unknown. But, is there a way you can step into these unknown and perhaps seemingly dangerous waters- and still put your best foot forward? Perhaps, you can use the healing and strengthening power of gratitude. Gratitude is not just an emotion, but a power, a power that empowers you to move forward.

Yes, we ought to be thankful and grateful you are still alive and healthy, no matter how bad the situation is. This is what I believe in.


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