Consciousness to abundance

October 9, 2008

This morning I was thinking about the structure of consciousness and reading about Maria Duval’s advice about gaining abundance in life. I’d like to share my ideas after what i have read from her because they’ll give you a grasp of how you are the architect of your own abundance.

We experience consciousness as thinking. Thinking, in turn, arises from the senses interacting with the world, absorbing data, and then mapping out the meaning of that information. Thinking is a compulsive and flowing habit, an incessant pulsation of electromagnetic waves in our brains.

However to think, we need a thinker. Thus, while thinking may appear to be all that there is to consciousness, some quiet contemplation will reveal a thinker behind the thinking.
Consciousness, Abundance
Usually, the thinking controls the thinker. However, after some prolonged spiritual practice, like Zen, the thinker can become detached from the thinking and see that thinking is an autonomous habit.

In fact, a seasoned practitioner of meditation and contemplation can even voluntarily stop thinking all together. At this point, consciousness appears to be pure awareness, observation of the world without attachment and aversion. Those who attain this present moment consciousness are said to be enlightened.

Who or what is this thinker? I believe the thinker is the soul. The soul is a non-material unit of consciousness. It abides in the human body infusing it with life-force and organizing that life-force or essential vitality with what is called mind.

When a person dies, the soul has left it. The soul then travels to other dimensions. The soul is a deathless entity that cannot be injured in any way.

All mishap and injury occur to the mind and the body. An injury to the mind is a life-upset, a paradigm crash, which traps aspects of the life-force. The purpose of a good psychologist is to release and reintegrate that life-force particle so that the person regains their vigor for life again.

Behind the soul, however, is pure consciousness. While the soul is conditioned by materiality because it is incarnated in a mind-body complex, pure consciousness is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. This quantum field of pure potentiality that brings all things into existence and remains in a constant state of non-dual beingness, consciousness, and bliss we call God.

Let us now return to thinking, and we shall see that it is the cause of all our experiences. And because it is, we can engineer it to create a life of complete satisfaction.


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