Mental Blueprint

October 5, 2008

We carry a mental blueprint of ourselves everywhere we go, and we refer to this blueprint all the time unconsciously and also naturally. This blueprint is how we look at ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. Maria Duval says that we all know we have powerful subconscious mind, and in order to tap on this immense source of power, first of all, we need to take back the control of this blueprint – our self-image.

Why is that so?

As you probably know it, our self image is a manifestation of our thoughts, actions, feelings, emotions, happiness, fears and aspirations on our subconscious mind throughout our life. Through these imprints, our beliefs and values are formed.

Maria Duval believes that a big chunk of the subconscious was deposited in our childhood, when we were small and received guidance and education from the adults and society we live in. That means what we go through in our younger days could well decide our personality in the future.

By the time your brain was fully developed, you had formed many, many beliefs. It was from this sizable pool of beliefs that your self-image (a picture or blueprint) was constructed. Over time belief after belief was added to this picture.

Any idea, thought or image that reaches your subconscious becomes your personal belief, so that is your truth and no one can dispute with you about that.

Some of your beliefs grew out your personal experiences and include answers to questions like: Am I intelligent? Am I likable? Am I stupid? Am I a failure? Am I weak? But it also contains your perception on the country, your family, your society and circle of life.

When you reached adulthood, I suppose your “tank” of self-image has nearly reaches its brim and hence as a result, the self image took on more and more control of your thinking about and reactions to life. That’s why Maria Duval thinks the way to change your present state of life lies in the crucial readjustment of your self belief. So, when you think that your life is a constant struggle, don’t you think its the result of how your self belief work?

As Maria Duval has stated before, the lack of a basic understanding of how the self image is formed and the control it exercises over our lives is the single greatest barrier to mastering your mind power and living more of the lives we desire. The self-image, however, can be changed. New habits can be formed. You can change.

Remember, we are the most wonderful beings on earth. Our minds are so immensely powerful and as we truly begin controlling our mind power and consciously using it, there is no dream that we really cannot achieve.

The answer is our self-image.


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