Living a charismatic and active life

September 25, 2008

What is the meaning of “charismatic”?

It means having a lot of presence and energy that exuded naturally from the person. A charismatic person immediately attracts audience attention the moment he or she walks up to the stage. Why is that so?

According to the universal law, for every action, there’s an equally opposite reaction. Anything can be an action, be it word, thought, or feeling. Our own energy comes together in these actions. The stronger the energies, the strong the reaction will be. So the more we give, the more is returned to us.

Maria Duval puts it that people with high energy will attract more opportunities to themselves than people with low energy. Hence high energy people are usually more successful…just think of your company’s boss. Do they take life for granted or being a couch potato most of the time? No, right? They put things to work as ideas come and they are perpetually in motion.

People that possess a lot of energy don’t wait for success to come to them; they pursue it with perseverance, determination and fortitude. They decide what they want and go after it; they don’t settle for what comes to them.

Maria Duval also rightly suggests we should give ourselves something to look forward to in order to maintain that fresh and uplifting energy each day. Be it solving a challenging work issue, planning a party for your kid, setting up a new garden, or planning for the next holiday trip. These are all positive influences which give us right impetus to look forward to. To keep that energy level flowing at high levels, we need to look forward to something.

Once you are constantly having to look forward to something and not appearing bored or soulless, you will naturally emit that x-factor called charisma. You will notice the difference around you.

Imagine how you feel when you first child is arriving, or you just make $5,000 in a business dealing. How will you feel? So to live life fully we should find ways of bringing more energy into your life if you want to have more energy, feel happier and be more successful.

That’s life suppose to be like, isn’t it?

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