Receive Abundance and Prosperity

September 24, 2008

We hear a lot about abundance and prosperity these days. We’re all talking about it, reading and watching movies on the subjects.

Abundance is great plenty, wealth, large supply. Prosperity comes from prosper.. to cause to succeed

Your life experience is whatever you are focused on, how you see and believe the world to be is how it appears to you. If you are Abundance and Prosperity minded you are partnered with the Universe to receive good all the time. If you are poverty and struggle minded you are partnered with the Universe to experience lack and hard times.

You are the key to what you are experiencing. It is not being done to you against your will, but totally in line with your beliefs, expectations, thoughts, words and feelings.

Abraham says, “there is only a stream of well being”. You decide whether or not to flow with this stream or like the salmon, to go against it. Being aware of the stream and going with it brings ease, certainty, peace and joy. Swimming against the stream is filled with doubt, hard work, lack, fear and stress.

Stop for just a moment and look around you at the evidence of abundance that surrounds you. You notice that there are more than enough trees, flowers, sky, sand, air, water. Nature is all about abundance and well being.

The principles of law of attraction, the abundance principle, works to bring into your life more of what you are focused on. Like a magnet attracting similar thoughts, feelings and experiences, your thoughts, words, feelings and actions bring more of the same energy into your life. The Law of Attraction doesn’t question what you are focused on, asking whether or not you really mean it, it just works, all the time, every time to deliver more of what you are asking for.

It’s about the energy of your feelings and beliefs. The stronger the energy, the feeling, the faster it appears in your life. This is why things feared often show up almost at once and why children excited about a new toy who are totally in line with receiving get it so fast.

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