Find that motivation in you

September 23, 2008

Most probably you know about the meaning of motivation, or even read books in a light of becoming more motivated. In fact, motivation is not a trait you can develop fast. If you suffer long term depression, it becomes tougher to reverse the situation without seeking a mental physician. Well, that may be a rather extreme example. Yet, if you look for ways to become motivated and feel better, you will gain from the useful tips Maria Duval give you to get you on the right direction.

I think most important is that you need to know the actual reasons why there is no motivation in your life. This is a common issue for many people and nothing to be alarmed because most of us drift through our life passing day by day.

It could be cases resulted from friendship, money, family, your job or health. For one thing, people hoping to lose their weight fail to stick with a routine. They are not motivated, because they find the goal very difficult to archive. And soon they give up their diet plans and the weight is back to previous level. For such case, it is essential to put focus on a more feasible, short term goal where the target is easily achievable. Health is anyway one of the possible factors.

A good real life example is that a friend of mine who bought in earlier of the year a wii game called Wii Fit with the intention of exercising and slimming with fun. For the first month, she was diligently sticking to the exercise regime. Recently, I ask her how she has been doing on the high tech slimming game. She told me she has not touched that wii board for more than 4 months, and she wonders if she will ever touch that again. Clearly this is a case of lacking self motivation. And a classic case of having a high spirit that lasts less than one hour.

Definitely, there are external circumstances which stop you from achieving your goal. But it doesn’t have to imply negative thoughts or feelings. Try to think positively about things around you. Associate your situation with people of the same genre, and exchange your ideas with them. It is important not to face the situation alone. In daily life, avoid overwhelming your life with multiple tasks. Take your time and focus on one thing only. Break large projects into small chunks. When you get results with small tasks, your motivation will build gradually.

Short term goals are helpful to fill your life with a purpose. Set up one goal each day and focus on it. Life will become much easier to move on.


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