Positive attitude in times of uncertainty

September 18, 2008

Yeah, the economy is in really bad shape now. Who will be the next is the question in everyone’s mind.

I was talking to a market savvy friend about the major upheavals in present stock market and he gave a good comment that he always gained a positive market share during a downturn in the economy.

So does this guy really have a magical machine that brings in money even in this so called bad times?

On hindsight, what I learn from him is an very important truth. Yes, a recession is not a time to make yourself panic, but a time to identify the opportunities and advance your business! Having a proper mindset is certainly essential if you wish to gain a foothold during these trying times.

The first thing to learn is that a recession is a normal economic and business cycle. It will come and go in cycles. The present financial mess will not be the first one nor will it be the last one. This is one thing people must realize and understand.

A fire will not burn without oxygen. Media acts as the oxygen in economic downturns and intense media comments will make the fire even stronger and set minds panicky even more. So the more people listen to the media, the more they will believe that the world economy is really in bad shape and spiraling to unheralded depth with no U turn. People will begin to think that lives are getting tougher and tougher. This is a typical herd mentality among humans and is a strong psychological trigger. You have to be smart enough to recognize that the media has an agenda when they fan the flames of the recession type of thinking.

The reality is that people do not like to live in fear. They want confidence in the future, and they need someone with a confident charisma to come out and lead them.

Stay positive no matter how! There are always ample opportunities in times of crisis and difficulties.


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