No Impossibilities

September 17, 2008

There are no impossibilities. There are no impossibilities. There are no impossibilities. I say it three times for one single reason. You , like many others, have been lied to about what you can do, how you can live and what rights you have. You can do everything you want, you can be whatever you want and you have the “God given right” to do absolutely everything you want to do. There are no limits to what you are allowed to do.

With that in mind I want to give you some really simple techniques for achieving all of your dreams (The ones you want I mean). The first step is to know what you want. Take a little time figuring out what you want. If it seems difficult to do then you may want to go somewhere where you wont be distracted, turn off the TV or try meditating (All three are good to do at the same time).Once you know the things you want, imagine what it feels like to actually have the thing, whatever it is, just feel how it is to actually have it. Allow yourself to feel the joy and happiness and contentment of having the “things”.

Think this and feel this for about 10 minutes a day, and let yourself feel the joy of it. Then just go live your life. In your everyday life, try to be grateful about the things around you. There is an entire universe of beauty, just let yourself see it and be grateful for it. Through this act of appreciation you will start to feel true love for all things, and love is the most powerful thing you can feel. Love is the very foundation of existence, whenever you feel bad, it is simply a result of you hindering the love that surrounds you, penetrates you, is You. You are made of love, you are love, you just need to remember it.

When you feel love, you automatically “summon” more love, more joy, more wealth, more of everything that you love.

If you want something, just focus on what it is to actually have it!

That’s it.

I am truly sincere. That is all you need to do. If you do these simple things, all that you want will come to you. Perhaps out of nowhere, you may have no idea where it came from, but you don’t need to understand it, just do it. This is a law of the universe. It is as certain as gravity. As some others have said, this is the very same force through which worlds are created. Entire Star Systems and Galaxies and all of the Beautiful Universe is made by this same Law. If a Planet, a Galaxy or more can be created, why would your desires be difficult to do?

Let yourself live. The meaning of life is, simply put…Love, Joy, Happiness. Without these things, what’s the point in living? Let Yourself Live! Let Yourself Live! Let Yourself Live!


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