Find our creative viewpoint

September 16, 2008

As grown-ups, we have lost that childlike innocence and magic due to rules of the society, family and education. Somehow we become more rigid in thinking because we need to project an image that this is the acceptable behavior in the society – the approved norm. That’s why psychics can come in to help us explore what we have lost as w grow up.

There is thought stifleness and ideas may become hard to come by. We may lose touch of who are actually are. People may turn defensive to protect their approved image and some people may wish for a place where there is more warmth and sincerity.

Do you remember as a child asking the magic 8 balls if Bryan or Rachel was your true love? Do you remember consulting the origami fortuneteller to find out your future during recess? Many of us do and why have we lost this innocent ability to imagine, dream, and believe. Because society says we have too?

That’s why I enjoy reading by psychics which allow me to realize my dream again. I really learn a lot from them because this profession to me is real and will remain valid no matter how advanced we are.
Surely having an opportunity to get in touch with a magical world outside our own stodgy lives must be worth something.

So, before you go off and bad mouth real psychic like Maria Duval, remember your mother told you at bed time and how much fun it was to escape into that magical world of fantasy and dream.

Many so called right teachings today could be negative to your life. That’s why we should always keep our minds open and welcome any concept which challenge our traditional beliefs. If it is beneficial to one, adopt and improve the life! By clinging on to a negative viewpoint only alienates us more from the creative ability of our minds.

Embrace the childhood dreams and aspirations that you have been told are foolish and frivolous. These dreams form the foundation of who we are and ultimately lead to true happiness.

Embrace your inner child and reopen the imaginative and creative aspects of your personality which are being held back by what you are forced to believe to be acceptable thought processes.

Remember, they are essential part of our human mindset so get in touch with them as fast as they could. Get in touch with your child inside you today. Try talking with a psychic who can help you to open your viewpoint! Who knows you may just open the doors to a whole new pasture!


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