We are all one and we are from the same source

September 14, 2008

Great philosophers and thinkers of all ages are right to conclude that energy is making up this universe, be it the stars you see, the chair you sit or the computer you use. All of them vibrate and give out energies at different speed. It is through these vibrations that the state of the matter is based on.
Some appears solid because they are denser form of energy and thus move a little slower than liquids that are less dense and vibrates a little more faster giving them a fluid motion. Similarly, living objects are made up of energies, so do we humans.

That means we are all One and interlinked with each other, thus we are build of the materials then formed when stars exploded. What we perceive as another object has actually a connection to our being. There is actually Oneness of being.

I believe there is this situation when you vividly feel someone is staring at you for some time and then makes you uncomfortable then you turn over to check who is out there? Maria Duval thinks that there is a connection with this particular person, and this psychic phenomenon gets especially stronger when this person is someone you are familiar with. Which means when something fateful is happening, you can receive telepathic energy from this person and this actually makes you more anxious something is not right to this person now.

Great scientists Einstein once said:

Although I am a typical loner in daily life, my consciousness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has preserved me from feeling isolated.

-Albert Einstein

As for myself, there are numerous times when I just think of a friend out of the blue for nothing, and I wonder how he or she is coping now. The strangest is that, the next day, usually I’ll receive a ring from them.

Just yesterday morning, I was out for a Sunday breakfast and right another queue was the friend whom I was thinking a few days ago.

We were so surprised to see each other.

She greeted me first by saying, “Hi, I have been wondering how you are!”

And we sat down and had a good breakfast chat. We promised to stay in touch more often from now on.

There is Oneness.


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