Beautiful Intuitions

September 3, 2008

People could be wondering how to improve the intuition level in this world that is emphasizing more about materialism and rational reasoning. Our intuition level could be diminishing.

I have provided some tips about this topic based on my own understanding.

Read on…

So what’s the point of having more intuitional than others?

First, intuition promotes better relations. This is so because intuition makes you more sensitive of the thoughts and feelings of other people thus you can be a better lover and how to put right messages across to your bosses.

Second, intuition improves creativity thus you can be better in arts, music and drama. These are the finer side of life that makes your life more complete and pleasant.

Lastly, intuition helps you find your true self that lies buried deep inside you. It goes deep inside you spiritually to clean your negative energies inside. You will be a better person to the world.

Here’re how you can improve intuition.

Be Positive
Stay positive and happy so that harmonious energies can come into your life. A happy person is more intuitive in my opinion because that attitude is receptive to good energies that include intuition.

Trust that all things come from a Higher Source
All things originate from a Higher Being that is omnipotent and Creator of the Universe. This is the Universe that gives you stars, planets, life and plants. It knows the best for you if you ask for it. Learn how to communicate to this source via prayers and you will get you answers through intuitions.

Cherish, or forget, that first impression
When you are meeting someone for the first time, learn to analyze the subtle feelings and emotions between you and the person, no matter a guy or a girl. Usually that is the time your intuition will speak. Learn to listen to it.

Meditation allows your stressful mind to calm down and sends thought energy to the Universe. It is a very spiritual process. A more peaceful mind will promote more intuitions.


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