Powerful subconscious

September 1, 2008

We do use only a tenth of our mind, don’t we? Where is the rest going to? Do you think you can only use 10% of your energy? Eat 10% of your normal food consumption, sleep 10% of your normal sleeping hours? Or even use only 10% of your monthly salary? No way, right?

So why do we only use 10% of our mind? The chances we, we only use 10% of our abilities. So what if it has been upped to 20% or 30%, it will be unimaginably powerful, won’t it? Is it possible to achieve that?

I read that truly great men who left legacies behind might be using more than 10% of the normal mental capacity. People like Einstein, Mozart for example. Which means they were either naturally genius or they knew a way to tap into the immense power of their minds.

Maria Duval tells me that I have the most powerful arsenal in the Universe – the subconscious mind. Subconscious mind knows everything. It has all the answers to the life of harmony, wealth, health, joy and success!

Well, not to be blamed at all, as since young, we were not taught about this, as probably our parents did not even know about this. It can be a brand new start from this point onwards. I must believe in own subconscious mind and know that it can allow me to lead a life of joy and success.

So, do I want to change and start using more of my subconscious mind?

Maria Duval says it is all about making “strong” impressions in my subconscious mind. Like via mental affirmations or resist negative thoughts.

So for me, I start with the most simple. I want to have more attract more like-minded friends to my life. Simply repeat these words “I am seeing more like-minded friends everywhere”. Just repeat it a few times a day and at least once in the morning and evening when you just wake up and go to bed respectively. When you say it, make sure it is a serious affirmation. Do not use negative tone to affirm for something that is positive, like “I do not want to be poor, etc”.

This technique can be used in anything in life. Like to get up early, to quit smoking, to learn skiing, or to life more healthily. Always remember to use positive tones to register your affirmations.

Eg: “I am always lucky”, “I am getting wealthier”, “I am having more successes in love”.

Sometimes you have to make a tough decisions like you are facing a dilemma on whether to accept the job that you love or staying put to help out your family business. Ask subconscious for help too. Ask relevantly and listen intently. The answer will come, maybe not instantly, and you have to get your antenna ready to receive the signal, which may come in a form of intuition, dream, a sign when you are at the streets or meeting an old friend who happens to know about the company.

The gist is, have faith and believe in your subconscious.


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